FU makes headlines by receiving the ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ from the Ministry of Labour

Under the headline ‘FU Supports the Employment of Women’ our company’s championing of the rights of women in the workplace has been highlighted. The article discussed FU’s success at the Gender Equality in Business Awards which was organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security for the Republic of Turkey...
FU has been awarded the Certificate of Appreciation for its workforce which sees 57% female employment and 50% at management level. With these figures FU once again demonstrates its willingness to encourage diversity in the workplace with no barriers to age, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, marital status, or sexual orientation.
The article quotes FU’s CEO Ertuğrul Bul on the topic: "It is unfortunate that today women in business are underrepresented at management level. There are many reasons for this issue, and as researchers have made clear, female employees often have to face a glass ceiling which obstructs their progress despite their abilities, success and competence. FU has consistently broken these barriers and will continue to do so with our human resources policy in place. We are especially thankful for the efforts made by our HR Manager Mrs. Demet Tansuğ Akkuzu, whom we welcomed to join our team at FU when she was pregnant."





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