HR Applications

FU is the leading organisation of its type in the real estate sector and it has led the way in terms of innovation and development. To maintain this position we are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and sources of inspiration, and this is why we place such high value in our human resources department.


The aim of the human resources department is to create a dynamic working environment by constantly improving the skills and knowledge of our employees. We tailor our training courses to meet the unique requirements of the sector, and to elicit the optimum performance levels from our employees. Our highly qualified and specialised staff members, who value our corporate values, will help to advance FU to future success.



  • The biggest driving force behind our success is our employees. Our main target is to deploy the right people to the right positions.


  • We create every opportunity to help our employees develop and improve themselves individually and professionally.


  • We have set up a ‘Performance System’ that constantly evolves in order to give equal opportunities to our employees, and to measure their successful performances objectively and correctly.

Career Advancement

  • We assist our employees in improving themselves so that they can fulfil their own ambitions. Career advancement for our employees is a significant part of this process.

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