Our Mission

At FU we provide efficient, and innovative services for all of our clients, be they banks, financial institutions, individuals or other organizations, by using our extensive network of dedicated lawyers and chosen experts.

 Our Vision

Given our vast technological infrastructure, our innovative and specialised team, and our strong brand value FU the undisputed market leader within this sector.

  Our Business Continuity Policy 

In accordance with the ‘Regulations Regarding the Supporting Services of the Banks’ published by the BRSA, FU has done all necessary work to protect our reputable and solid solution partner image.

  • Our primary aim is to obtain security in situations of Disaster and Emergency.
  • We constantly improve our business continuity capacity as per the given standards.
  • We continue our work by protecting our image as a reputable and solid solution partner.
  • We aim to maintain the continuity of our services in land registry operations and transactions.
  • We prepare business continuity plans by taking into account customer expectations, corporate policies and legal obligations. We conduct regular exercises to ensure that our plans work in an emergency.

Our Corporate Governance Principles

  • Compliance with corporate values and business codes of conduct are the main ethical principles that FU treasures in its workplaces and operations. FU pays due care and diligence to be transparent and fair in all of its relations and we consider accountability to be one of our core responsibilities. Participation is essential in corporate management and team work is always encouraged.
  • The transparent and regular flow of information is provided to all our employees and business partners.
  • We always channel new ideas with passion and faith.
  • No situation is allowed to drag: We adopt an approach that focuses on the quick delivery of results.
  • We monitor our employees’ performance against the pre-defined SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-realized).
  • We believe that open offices enable us to reach our common targets.
  • We encourage interdepartmental negotiation and brainstorming to ensure we obtain the correct business solutions.

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