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Until 2005 leading banks and financial institutions secured the terms of mortgage transactions using their in-house personnel. However, at FU we have created an alternative sector which has expanded rapidly since its inception. Using an extensive network of lawyers and other specialised personnel FU have developed an efficient business process which reduces our clients’ transaction costs whilst simultaneously guaranteeing mortgage assurance.


Founded in September 2005, FU Gayrimenkul carries out mortgage operations as an intermediary between banks / financial institutions and non-financial institution customers, providing a safeguard for mortgage credit.



Here at FU we provide our customers with the expertise of 105 specialised members of staff, including 50 lawyers, to assist your needs. We have met all the necessary conditions and requirements defined in the “Circular on Outsourcing by Banks” published by the BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) and we maintain the level of International Support Services Application Standards (ISAE3402).


FU Gayrimenkul finalizes operations in the quickest possible time thanks to the excellent performance of our dedicated staff.



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