Our Human Resources Policy

At FU our self-awareness that we are the biggest and leading name in the sector motivates us to keep abreast of developments and to push ourselves to further innovation. We attach great importance to our human resources policy as we believe it will ensure the continuity of our success. In this sense, our human resources policy is constantly reviewed to find further ways to improve.


Our intention is to continue developing a dynamic working environment by improving the knowledge and skills of our employees, and to combine their abilities with additional training specific to the needs of the sector. As a principle, we recruit employees who will help lead the company to the future. We search for those who share the values of the company and are most suitable for the job.


Our Recruitment Process

In case of a vacant position:

  • We first check to see if there is an in-house candidate. If there is not we begin the online application process. Application forms can be found on our website or alongside the job advertisements we post on recruitment websites such as www.kariyer.net.
  • We check resumes against the criteria required for the position and we shortlist the appropriate candidates who are then invited for an interview.
  • • During the whole recruitment process we focus on whether or not the candidate is the right fit for the job at hand. During the interview we create a relaxed environment where the candidate can feel at ease to demonstrate his or her abilities, and where the candidate can clearly understand the vision and expectations of FU. This way we seek to establish long term working relationships with our new employees that are mutually rewarding.

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