FU Distinctions

We offer high quality services.

We make a difference owing to our exceptional quality of service. Your operations are carefully tracked and executed by the expertise of our staff and highly experienced lawyers.

We focus on customers.

At FU we pride ourselves on our adaptability and openness to dialogue and change. Thanks to our innovative perspective we can shape our operations to meet customer demands and expectations, and therefore maintain our pioneering role as the leading company for a range of transactions.

We are a reliable company.

We offer safe and secure services from 970 Land Registry offices in 81 districts throughout Turkey. Thanks to the expertise of our staff members, lawyers and other related professionals, FU’s internal control mechanism not only offers legal and operational assurance to its customers but also eliminates any potential risk.

We treasure teamwork.

We believe firmly in the power of teamwork with all of our outside employees, our customers, and our in-house team.

 We are here for speed.

After founding this sector FU continues to lead the way in the number of transactions that we handle. To help us do this we are continually investing in technology to offer better and faster services to all of our customers.

We are innovative.

We are constantly improving our services and processes to bring added value and innovation. We enhance our job definition every day based on feedback from our customers and we work with eager anticipation to evaluate, select, project, and implement creative ideas.

Time management is essential.

Time is of the essence for our customers, and our customers, in turn, are of essence to us. We save time thanks to the efficient, fast and innovative services that we offer our customers with our extensive network of lawyers and the expertise of the other chosen professionals we call upon.

We assure secure operations with our multi-layered control mechanism. 

Safety of operations is critical for us. That’s the reason we use a multi-layered control mechanism. Thanks to the careful design of this system, your operations will be processed through extensive control stages.

We have been certified with the Assurance Report issued to Support Service Companies

We have adopted and act within the scope and responsibilities defined by the Regulation on the Outsourcing by Banks as published by the BRSA for the banking industry. Alongside these protocols we are also certified with the Assurance Report for Support Service Companies (Outsourcers) (ISAE 3402) issued by KPMG.






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