We minimize your risk and increase your security

FU offers security worth 12 million Euros for your transactions.
Your operations are assured with FU...

Are you aware of the magnitude of the risk you assume when certain actions are performed on your behalf by an intermediary person or organization? Well now, with FU, you can consider yourself in safe hands. All transactions undertaken by FU are insured by AIG for 12 million Euros.


The combination of FU’s network of experienced lawyers operating in 970 title deed offices in 81 cities within Turkey, and its internal control mechanisms, minimizes the risks of the bank and results in saving financially.


All operations undertaken by FU are secured by an internal control mechanism that has been developed to minimize risk. Our operations are secured comprehensively by AIG Insurance by means of the “professional liability insurance”, the “breach of trust policy” and the “manager liability insurance”.


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