We are the founder of the real estate mortgage sector and the leader in transactions


FU Gayrimenkul Yatırım Danışmanlık represents the summit of the fast-growing real estate mortgage sector owing to its regularly increasing business and transaction volume. Since its inception FU’s portfolio of contracted banks and agencies has rapidly expanded, and our trusted brand image ensures our position as the market leader who offers customer-oriented working processes and high service quality.

Turkey's real estate sector offers increasingly attractive opportunities for investors, and it has continued to grow despite the economic crisis in the European and US real estate markets, and the impact of global fiscal tightening.
While the real estate sector has been steadily growing since the turn of the new millennium, reforms in the sector made in more recent years have facilitated the entry of a larger number of investors. The relevant legislation about the investment process has been updated and simplified to provide a more convenient pathway for investors to step into the real estate sector.

Until the creation of FU in 2005, banks and loan facilitators conducted mortgage transactions through their own staff in order to secure the loans. However with the inception of FU this process has changed. Using a widespread network of lawyers and other specialists, FU has created an efficient business process that has reduced the transaction and personnel costs, while at the same time providing mortgage securitization.


FU was founded on the 11th September 2005 and has been leading the way ever since, processing a huge amount of transactions with the upmost diligence and efficiency.


As the founder of the real estate mortgage sector in Turkey and the undisputed leader in terms of the number of transactions, FU is one of the biggest names in real estate. FU continues to grow rapidly due to its timely, fast and widespread services, and we have become indispensable to a sector which offers huge opportunities to investors thanks to changing demographic factors and improving economic figures. Today FU is a giant within the industry, servicing 29 banks and 48 financial and non-financial institutions in its clientele portfolio.


As of January 2017 FU has completed over 1.3 million transactions. This substantial figure is proof that FU are achieving our mission to offer safe, efficient, fast and innovative services to all clients. FU’s future plans will be built on its vision to remain at the forefront of the sector, harnessing and developing our technological infrastructure, strong brand image, and the expertise of our innovative team.


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