We are looking for LAW FIRMS with a strong focus on business development


At FU we love to create working relationships with law firms which relish operating in a fast paced business environment. We value diligence and precise communication, and we are seeking law firms to complete transactions before land registry offices, and related public institutions outside of Istanbul.


Until the creation of FU in 2005, banks and loan facilitators conducted mortgage transactions through their own staff in order to secure the loans. However with the inception of FU this process has changed. Using a widespread network of lawyers and other specialists, FU has created an efficient business process that has reduced the transaction and personnel costs, while at the same time providing mortgage securitization. FU has grown rapidly and now supplies services to 26 banks and 43 other financial and non-financial institutions.
Below is a list of some of our services::

  • Investigation into the legal status of immovable properties.
  • The drafting of official deeds.
  • Overseeing mortgage operations.
  • Periodic review of mortgage operations for commercial loans.
  • Other land registry operations, such as sales, mortgage release, lease annotation.
  • Pledges over businesses, rights, and movable assets.
  • Ship and aircraft mortgages.
  • Management of land registry processes of real estate for sale in financial organisations’ portfolios.


Professional Qualities and Personal Skills & Traits

  • Ability to work in harmony with FU Willingness to commit to FU’s efforts to remain the market leader
  • Eagerness to venture into new business lines
  • Capability of giving due consideration to the requests of banks and customers
  • A focus on business development
  • A commitment to an exclusive working relationship with FU
  • A solidarity with the other Law offices who are working with FU


A lawyer working with FU…

  • embraces technology.
  • keeps a close eye on innovations that may be necessary for business development.
  • has a skill set that is transferable to the communication infrastructure built on FU's information technology.
  • is extremely diligent when working on a Project and always strives for excellence.


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