Technology at FU means innovation and speed

We invest in technology because time is precious to you and you are precious to us...

As the founder, pioneer and leader of the sector FU Gayrimenkul continues to increase its technology investments every day to provide better and faster services to the banks, institutions and customers that we work with.


At FU Gayrimenkul:

We invest in technology because we know that you choose us for our high service quality.

We invest in technology because we know the value of your time.

We invest in technology because we can be your solution partner by creating customized solutions for your customers.

We invest in technology because it is the most important component in the efficiency of both your business and ours.

We increase our technology investments because time is valuable for you and you are valuable for us.

We invest in technology because we know that the satisfaction of your customers is your satisfaction.

FUxRM is our technical infrastructure, exclusively developed by Microsoft / Tradesoft for FU, which accelerates the process of reviewing incoming transactions in tandem with the high speed processing power of our new mobile applications.


We have combined our principles of customer satisfaction, speed and accuracy with our experience in and commitment to developing technology. To meet the needs of the banks and financial institutions that have chosen FU we started to provide services with our new infrastructure that brings together Bank / Institution, Bank / Institutional customer and FU’s network of experts online.


Thanks to the FUxRM infrastructure our processes are fast and our customers are able to follow every step closely, receiving notifications from FU only minutes after a stage has been processed.



With FUxRM our employees located at FU’s Headquarters are connected online to the system which is also serving our lawyers and non-lawyer specialists at the title deed office. The lawyer or other expert in the title deed office can then display the transaction from the title deed, and immediately send the original documents to the system via mobile devices that we have integrated into the system. This makes the processes much faster and more secure. Our customers, lawyers and experts can still view the mortgage documents without leaving the land registry office.


Customers of FU can log in to the web interface and see all of the documents on the system, monitor the transaction process, and receive reports from the system.


This system, especially prepared by Tradesoft / Microsoft, was designed with the highest security requirements in mind.


FUxRM is built with top-level security infrastructure, Disaster Recovery, NLB load sharing and Failover Cluster features.


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