It is now possible to also complete title deed transactions abroad


If you are an expatriate it is no longer necessary for you to come to Turkey to handle your title deed operations. The Land Registry and Cadastral Works Directorate (LRCW) has introduced a regulation that provides ease and convenience in title deed operations for expatriates.


First and foremost, a Land Registry and Cadastral Attaché Office will be opened at the Berlin Consulate. This Office will help expats to deal with any problems in this field, and will allow the completion of land registry and cadastral operations abroad.


This way, nearly four million Turkish people living in Europe will have the chance to sell or mortgage their real estate conveniently with assistance from The Berlin Consulate General Land Registry and Cadastral Attaché Office, without the obligatory need to come to Turkey.



According to an announcement dated 12.11.2014:


  1. The word ‘Germany’ is now replaced with ‘Abroad’.
  2. ‘Land Registry and Cadastral Attaché Office’ was changed to ‘Land Registry and Cadastral General Directorate Foreign Representative Office’.
  3. Title deed registration and the delivery of a title deed copy are also now added to the scope of transactions that can be executed abroad. These transactions are defined as follows: ‘Title deed registration/ delivery of title deed copy, sales, barter, mortgage, conveyance and donation’. It has also been decided that charges payable for title deed transactions abroad may be collected by the accounting offices at consulates offices.

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