The relationship between Talent and Competence


TALENT is a natural aptitude or skill. It suggests the natural ability to excel at a duty or action. Talent reflects how you're hard-wired, it dictates your moment-by-moment reactions to your surroundings, and it can be developed by the influence of education, family and environment.


COMPETENCE, on the other hand, is the manifestation of knowledge, skills and attitudes that distinguish a high-performing individual as the one that is most suitable or necessary for a specific position or role

Each company operates differently, moving forward in different ways towards a specific vision. This is why the competencies of each of our employees are specifically chosen to fit our needs.

During interviews with new graduates we expect them to have a level of self-awareness that demonstrates they are aware what their own specific skill set can bring to the organisation. An awareness of one’s strengths and one’s areas for improvement is vital for future development. Candidates who are resolute in knowing what they want in this respect always shine brighter. Our policy is the ‘right person for the right job’ and we aim to match the competencies, talents, skills and ambitions of our candidates to the positions available. We look at the skills that the candidate has so far acquired and consider the scope for future development. During the interview process we ascertain the basic competencies of our candidates in relation to our expectations. Unless we can see evidence of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that would be mutually beneficial for the company and the candidate, then perhaps we are not the best fit.


We focus on competencies in personnel selection, performance management, career management and training courses. Competence can be revealed and enhanced based on the relevant talent and organizational atmosphere. High performance will emerge in the context of the relevant competencies being given the appropriate time to develop within a supporting organizational atmosphere.


We can therefore safely say that in the holy trinity of Talent, Competence and Performance, the talent is the source, the competence is the process, and the performance is the result.




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