The Importance of Process Management at FU


In today’s competitive environment the competition between products, services and pricing is incredibly high. One of the factors that can make a difference to a company is if the in-house processes are carefully managed, assessed, and constantly improved. For this reason, process management is one of the areas in which FU places the utmost importance.

Process management aims to eliminate any potential uncertainties and to create a more efficient office environment.

What is Process Management at FU?

Process management at FU entails those administrative activities aimed at defining an operational process, and for establishing responsibilities for such a process. We also evaluate process performance, and identify opportunities for improvement. At FU we intend to create a strong governance model:

We can describe the process management approach at FU in order to create a strong governance model:

  • Processes are designed in line with the customer needs as we endeavour to hear their voices. Here the target is to improve customer satisfaction.
  • By listening attentively an efficient and effective process design is achieved.
  • • The implementation of operational procedures is intended to eliminate organizational contradictions and conflicts. Tasks are distributed effectively to maximise efficiency.
  • • In a mortgage and land registry operation the process is a cycle from the customer’s disclosure of a request to us, to the allocation of the necessary service, to its efficient delivery along with all of the necessary information updates and documentation.

Şöhret Şahin

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