Scope of Sağlam Tapu to be extended

FU Gayrimenkul has extended the scope of “SAĞLAM TAPU” which supplies consultancy services to those involved in the purchase of real estate.
SAĞLAM TAPU www.saglamtapu.comis progressing ever more quickly to meet all of the needs and requirements of our customers in their real estate purchases. This platform enables the land registry records of potential real estate to be checked. By utilising the Immovable Risk Analysis feature it also undertakes a risk analysis for real estate via CMB licensed real estate appraisal firms.
Trading in real estate poses certain risks for the buyer. For this reason, it is vital to get help from professional consultants. Considering the fact that the risk is higher in the trading of houses between the consumers themselves compared against other types of sales, SAĞLAM TAPU now offers a service which alleviates this risk. Moreover, we offer a discounted price of 900TL if you choose to purchase the two services together, compared to 480 TL individually.

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