FU is at the forefront of real estate purchases


The construction sector has accelerated rapidly over the last few years and has become the driving force of the national economy. The smooth legal sale of immovable properties has created a brand new business field.


It is particularly vital for potential small investors who are willing to invest their savings in real estate to go through a safe and reliable purchasing process.


Encumbrances or legal conditions over the immovable properties to be purchased may create uncertainties for the buyer or the seller, and they will need the expertise of professionals who know this industry inside out.


There are also practical issues that must be considered. For example, if a client wishes to purchase property in a different city, there could be hours of time-consuming journeys between the two places. This can create difficulties which sometime force the interested buyer to give up on the desired property.

Our company offers extensive services which enable you to navigate the buying and selling processes throughout the country. With our nationwide network of experienced lawyers we make it convenient for you to buy real estate in another region.

Having skilfully administered mortgage operations for years, we are the undisputed leader when it comes to knowledge and expertise of all facets of the real estate business. Moreover, thanks to our extensive network of experts we orchestrate buying and selling operations throughout the whole country. Thanks to our efforts it is now easy to purchase real estate from another region. A purchase can be finalized through our lawyers acting on your behalf without the need for you go to the province or district where the potential real estate is located.


It is also possible for an agency with a large portfolio of real estate to dispose of them within a short period of time with the dedicated efforts of our network of lawyers.


Our employees have been dealing with these kinds of transactions smoothly for many years with a great deal of success.


We are also currently offering mortgage services to corporations and agencies, and every day are client base expands. FU is at your service when it comes to the trading of real estate; we are here for your success.




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