FU Gayrimenkul introduces SAĞLAM TAPU

Since it burst onto the scene, FU Gayrimenkul has regularly increased its business and transaction volume as well as its portfolio of contracted banks and agencies. FU is the market leader and has established itself as a trustworthy and successful brand. FU represents the summit of the real estate mortgage sector thanks to its rapid growth, driven by its customer-oriented processes and high service quality. This week FU is introducing another pioneering initiative that will meet the needs of individual customers at land registry offices.

SAĞLAM TAPU is a customer-focused consultancy service whereby real estate that potential buyers are interested in is checked by specialists at SAGLAMTAPU.COM. This will ensure that the purchase and sales transactions are completed in line with procedures and without any fraudulence.


The specialists at SAGLAMTAPU.COM check the official sales deeds and documents, and to see if the land registry transactions are in line with standard regulations. They perform risk analyses and duly inform the potential buyer in order to minimize potential risks that may be associated with the real estate in question.

Thanks to the SAĞLAM TAPU service, real estate buyers and investors are aware in advance of how land registry records will affect potential real estate and their investments. This way they can minimize their risks and buy and sell freely with peace of mind.


This service is available at www.saglamtapu.com. Potential investors who wish to make use of the system should register with the site as members. Our lawyers deployed at Istanbul land registry offices will carefully check the transactions and return them to the customers, whilst the system will automatically file them.


You can visit www.saglamtapu.comor call the SAĞLAM TAPU Call Centre at 0850 273 23 23 to register for the service or to enquire for more information.


If you wish to better understand the unique SAĞLAM TAPU service then you can watch the following promotional film and follow us on social media.





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