Adana leaves Istanbul behind in real estate prices

Due to the fluctuations in foreign currency prices and the fact that high gold and mutual fund prices bring long-term returns, real estate has always been the safest and most lucrative investment area. But which real estate should you buy and what kind of return should you anticipate? These questions should be answered by the experts. Those winning in the real estate sector know that it is data and information that wins.
REIDIN fills a critical gap in the sector thanks to the data that it bridges from the professionals to the investors. REIDIN has created an X-ray image of the real estate sector based on May 2015 data:
Housing prices are on the rise.
Housing prices rose in Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Istanbul, Izmir and Kocaeli, where 70% of the population lives, compared to the same month of the previous year. The rate of increase turned out to be 1.40% throughout Turkey compared to the same month last year, and 16.54% year on year.

The sharpest increase was in Adana
In May, the sharpest increase in housing prices per square meter was in Adana with a 2.15% change. Adana is among the provinces with an Investment Grade (worthy of investment) with its depreciation period in the 17.9 to 18.5 years band.
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